Portrait of Aubrey Cramer

Aubrey Cramer

Astronomy & Physics / Cumberland, MD


What made you decide to attend the University of Maryland?
I come from a small town, and I never really had the opportunities that someone in a bigger city would have. When I decided what degree to pursue, I knew that branching out and attending a bigger university would allow me to grow and connect to my future peers and further develop as a person. I knew that UMD would guide me through what path to take and give me a place to expand my thoughts.

What major/career path do you plan on pursuing and how did you select that path?
My major is astronomy and physics. I want to go into observational research and possibly teach while pursuing my doctoral degree. Space and the universe are my biggest fascination. I know that in my lifetime I won't discover everything, but I do know that my findings will somehow better the world. I have decided that for the rest of my life I want to consistently learn to the highest degree and spread my knowledge.

What clubs, community service, campus activities, or hobbies are you currently involved in or plan to take part in?
I am a member of 4-H and have been an active member for 5 years. I was in a few honor societies as a high school student including, National, Spanish, Science, and Rho Kappa. I am currently not involved in any UMD activities, but I look forward to joining a few clubs this school year.

How has receiving this scholarship positively impacted your life?
I have never lived in a large town. I'm getting my degree while also being far from any support, especially financially. With this scholarship I can now focus on my studies, while not worrying so much about my financial stability. It has also helped me plan my future as I will have less of a burden post-graduation. I will also be able to see my family while being able to balance my education.

What are your future goals after graduation?
My plan is to finish my bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland. After that, I plan on obtaining my master’s degree and later working on my doctoral degree. I cannot fully predict what I will be doing after college, but I plan on it being closely knit with NASA or another space program and taking a role as an astronomer.