Brent Shuttlewood

Brent Shuttlewood

Brent Shuttlewood

Finance / Frederick, Md.

Why did I choose Maryland?
I fell in love with the atmosphere, and the connection between the student and the community. I feel like that is extremely important because it is the first step to making a campus feel like home. I was also very impressed with the quality of education offered at UMD, and the amount of extracurricular activities offered to students. The location was another deciding factor as being only 45 minutes away from home allowed me to have time to spend with my family once I did go on campus. The University of Maryland satisfied my interests the most out of all the schools I was considering.

What major/career path do you plan to pursue and how did you select that path?
I am currently majoring in finance at the Smith School of Business, with interests in double majoring in math as well. I plan to become an investment banker at a reputable firm, or maybe even start my own firm and manage and invest money on a larger scale. I selected this path mainly due to the responsibility that follows with managing large sums of money that isn’t your own. Also, I am greatly interested in the inner workings behind America's largest businesses, and being able to negotiate deals between firms and participate in mergers and acquisitions intrigues me as well. 

Activities I do outside of class or community service/volunteer activities I'm involved in:
I love spending time with my family and friends. Whether it be small gatherings, or planned-out vacations to different areas of Maryland and the U.S, I believe pending time with friends and family greatly contributes to one’s evolution as a human being. I am also really interested in exploring new places, and going out to cool places in nature, like waterfalls, mountains, etc. In terms of volunteering and contributing to services in my community, I am involved in a designated community service club that started during my time in high school, and as a group we participated in helping in places like homeless shelters. 

Which living-learning program are you enrolled in, and what have you gained from your experience in that program thus far?
I am enrolled in the Visualizing Knowledge Program as a part of Carillon Communities. So far, I have learned about the countless things that interactive data has to offer, and how people can come to unique conclusions about a certain topic when looking at graphs, tables, and other forms of interactive data. I’ve also learned that looking at data in the aforementioned forms allows for easier comprehension in comparison to data explained through a series of paragraphs. Overall, I feel like I am being educated more on the importance of data that you can see, not read, and how that shift in display contributes to making cohesive arguments and conclusions.

Aside from academics, what else do you hope to take away from your time at Maryland?
Aside from academics I hope to find myself involved with numerous clubs and volunteer organizations that can teach me valuable communication skills and essential networking abilities that can reflect onto a professional field once I graduate. Additionally, I wish to build strong relationships with professors and other students that outlast the four years I am here. Overall, I hope to be able to evolve as a person able to take on bigger and more important responsibilities and also exhibit various leadership capabilities on the next level.

What are your future goals after graduation?
I plan to work for a reputable investment firm initially out of college, while honing my knowledge and ability to comprehend the investment banking/corporate finance world that keeps a majority of the U.S economy together. After gaining more experience, I am going to pursue enrollment in graduate school at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and earn my MBA in finance. In conjunction with my MBA, I plan to become a chartered financial analyst, earning all three levels of the merit, all while working for an investment firm. My hopes for an ideal job would be to work at a prestigious investment firm in New York on Wall Street, or in Washington, D.C.

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