Portrait of Man Lun

Man Lun

Mechanical Engineering / Laurel, MD


What made you decide to enroll at the University of Maryland?
I was leaning more towards in-state schools and, during my last 4 years of high school, I was more involved with the environment around the UMD campus. I have been to UMD basketball games, soccer games, and other events on the campus. The university also has a good balance of work ethic as well as lively school spirit. Most importantly, with my vast interest in engineering, UMD offers a variety of engineering majors and programs that I could be involved in.

What major/career path do you plan on pursuing and how did you select that path?
I plan on pursuing a career path related to engineering. I have always been a creative and tactical learner and engineering seemed like the reasonable path for me to follow. I was debating between mechanical, civil, and architectural engineering, but mechanical seemed like the safest and broadest choice. I want a career that has a good job outlook and income but also aligns with the interests of mine. Engineering offers all of this for me.

Activities I do outside of class or community service/volunteer activities I'm involved with:
Outside of class, I will be working my part-time job at the fast-food company I currently work at as well as continuing my art commissions for paintings and crafts. As for community service, I hope to seek an organization at UMD that deals with environmental awareness and improvements, such as the Climate and BSOS Sustainability Task Force, as well as an organization that helps ESOL students.

Aside from academics, what else do you hope to take away from your time at Maryland?
During my time at Maryland, I hope to build long-term bonds with like-minded students, but also with those who challenge my beliefs and allow me to see from different perspectives. Furthermore, during my high school years I was not able to be as involved in school activities and clubs as much due to personal reasons and I hope to change that at UMD by joining a dance club, intramural sports, and other activities as long as time allows it.

What are your future goals after graduation?
After graduation I hope to do some job searching. If I already have a paid internship by graduation I plan on continuing it while still keeping an open mind for new projects and companies to work with. I would like to focus on gaining more experience rather than going after the highest wage in order to diversify my skills and hone in on my knowledge. If money allows it, I would like to continue my education towards a master's degree or Ph.D.